ARC approach with AI for patient-centred care

Tablet with motor exercises and inertial sensors

We make rehabilitation simple and personalised!

Our medical device is tailored to meet the needs of both professionals and patients, providing a clinically validated library of exercises.

With a selection of 86 exercises covering mobility, balance, strength, core stability, coordination, breathing, and stretching, healthcare professionals can create personalised plans for their patients.

The flexibility extends to choosing between setting repetitions or durations for exercises, providing a tailored approach.

ARC approach with AI for patient-centred care

In the prescription phase, professionals can opt for predefined exercise sets or create new sets based on patient rehabilitation needs. This adaptability ensures therapy plans can evolve alongside the patient’s changing physical condition and progress.

The ARC functionality to customise and update therapy plans in real-time allows for a patient centred approach to rehabilitation, ensuring a more effective recovery of motor and/or respiratory functions.

Discover how to improve rehabilitation with AI!


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