IX AIFI National Conference

IX AIFI National Conference

“Neurorehabilitation: from neurophysiology to therapeutic exercise”

On June 14th and 15th, we will be in Naples as sponsors of the event “Neurorehabilitation: from Neurophysiology to Therapeutic Exercise” organized by AIFI (Italian Association Physiotherapy) and ECM accredited by Spazio IRIS.

Two days focused on the field of physiotherapy, particularly aimed at identifying the key characteristics of exercise programs for the most common neurological conditions of rehabilitative interest.

The event is open to physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, bioengineers, doctors, and students.

Advancements in therapeutic exercise: maximizing neuroplasticity for neurological rehabilitation

Therapeutic exercise is the tool of motor learning, essential for maximizing neuroplasticity processes and promoting the recovery of motor functions compromised in individuals with neurological conditions. Moreover, thanks to the continuous discoveries offered by Neuroscience, this therapeutic approach has proven to be effective and is constantly evolving.

The aim of the Conference is to update attendees on the new evidence related to exercise-induced neuroplasticity in brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases, and to provide exercise models related to these conditions.

Indeed, it represents the occasion to highlight the contributions of physiotherapists and rehabilitation health professionals not only in the clinical field but also in research, with a dedicated session for doctoral students.

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