Join our workshop at FIF!

Join our workshop at FIF!

Join us at FIF – Salone Professionale di Fisioterapia to explore the future of rehabilitation with our interactive workshop titled “Telerehabilitation: benefits and opportunities with ARC intellicare thanks to the artificial intelligence”.

Room 6
Friday, 8 March
Start time 11:15 am (duration: 1 hour)

In this engaging session, we will examine a revolutionary new therapeutic approach that integrates visual feedback from artificial intelligence with the aim of significantly improving rehabilitation outcomes.

Topics covered:

  • Telerehabilitation: discover how telerehabilitation can expand access to rehabilitation services and enable continuity of care remotely.
  • Introducing ARC intellicare: explore ARC key features and functionalities and discover the benefits it brings to healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Artificial intelligence: learn how ai is integrated into the rehabilitation programs and how the synergy developed with healthcare professionals can enhance the patient’s experience, actively involving them in the recovery process.
  • Case studies and results: we will share case studies illustrating the efficacy and the effectiveness of ARC in clinical practice, highlighting tangible improvements in therapy adherence and patients’ quality of life.
  • Practical session: take part in an interactive practical session where you’ll have the opportunity to directly experience the use of ARC and gain useful insights on how to integrate this innovative approach into your rehabilitation practices.

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Alice Mantoan | Riccardo Fava


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