Telerehabilitation services are on the rise!

More and more healthcare professionals are realising the actual benefits of using digital solutions in rehabilitation, which can encourage engagement with patients outside traditional clinical settings.

By embracing these innovative approaches, rehabilitation professionals can optimise their practice, enhance continuity of care and improve patient outcomes.

What are the benefits of telerehabilitation for healthcare professionals in detail?

Together we’ll explore six reasons why our solution for telerehabilitation, ARC intellicare, can help creating a more accessible and inclusive healthcare ecosystem.

  1. Improve access to care, reaching patients having limited access to rehabilitation services due to geographical or mobility constraints
  2. Increase service efficiency by monitoring progress remotely, saving time and reducing travel costs
  3. Enhance collaboration and effective communication through direct contact with patients
  4. Help the continuity of care, provide guidance, and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plans
  5. Collect real-time data and track the Patient Reported Outcomes for a greater understanding of the patient experience
  6. Improve clinical results by increasing patients’ adherence to home exercise protocols tailored on their needs

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