World Stroke Day

“My name is Diana, I am 43 years old, I am Portuguese, and I live in Sintra. I used to work as a journalist until 8 years ago when I had a stroke on my wedding anniversary. My husband called 911, but they didn’t immediately understand that it was a stroke because I was too young; I was only 34 years old…”

From the article “The importance of post-stroke rehabilitation to recover a better quality of life.” of This is how the documentary begins, with Diana’s story testifying to the importance of post-stroke rehabilitation to regain a social life and daily routine.
These are just some of the data presented in the documentary “Rising to the challenge – Life after stroke,” produced by Ipsen in collaboration with Reuters.

“In Italy, people who have had a stroke represent approximately 1.5% of the population (about one million),” says Francesco Saverio Mennini,PhD, Professor of Health Economics at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata.”

“On the worldwide day dedicated to raising awareness about cerebral stroke, we must not overlook the importance of adequate information, not only on prevention and treatment but also on what happens after the acute phase,” emphasises Nicoletta Reale, Past President of A.L.I.Ce. Italy (Association for the Fight Against Cerebral Stroke).

Rehabilitative treatments, especially when initiated early, can promote the restoration of many compromised functions, allowing for the recovery of an acceptable quality of life.
Unfortunately, the current situation is such that only 18% of patients who survive a stroke receive a diagnosis of spasticity, and only 5,000 of them benefit from the proper pharmacological treatment.

We hope that this increased awareness and comprehension will contribute to better support and care for these individuals, ultimately leading to improved long-term results. #WorldStrokeDay

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