A great opportunity for the ARC team to show the evolution of our telerehabilitation solution!

On March 30th, the ARC team has been invited by the magicPCP project coordinators to attend an update meeting with rehab professionals from Health and Social Care Northern Ireland. More than 15 participants joined the videoconference, which involved clinicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and managers.

During our presentation, we got the chance to show the significant advancements made in the optimisation of ARC intellicare, which was originally conceived during the Magic PCP project to address the unmet rehabilitation needs of post stroke patients. After the end of the project, ARC was further developed to address the new needs arising during the pandemic, and to extend its use to Parkinson’s Disease, post-COVID19 and Multiple Sclerosis patients.

This Magic PCP project allowed us to evaluate the feasibility of introducing ARC in the current clinical practice for post-stroke home-based rehabilitation, both in the Northern Trust (NI) and in Italy at ASLTO3, by conducting the ARCANGEL clinical study.

Thanks to the Innovation & Market Development Team and Rachael Adams for inviting us!

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