ARC can interoperate with other medical devices for enhanced healthcare solutions: the example of the pulseoximeter

With the increasing number of medical devices used in patient care, the ability to collect, manage, and use data from these devices has become more complex.

Interoperability in healthcare eliminates the need for multiple standalone devices and provides centralised solutions for monitoring patients’ health metrics through an holistic approach.

By making different types of medical devices interoperable, e.g. ARC and pulse-oximeter, the healthcare professionals gain a more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s health condition. In the case of a rather intense ARC training session, knowing the value of blood saturation and heart rate at the beginning and end of each session is important to evaluate patient’s status.

Do you want to make other sensors or medical devices interoperable with ARC? Contact us!

ARC is a product of Henesis. Other interoperable devices are not manufactured or sold by Henesis.

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