ARC telerehabilitation improves patient adherence!

It has been observed that average adherence is limited to 50%* when patients with neurodegenerative diseases are treated with therapy involving standard rehabilitative care, meaning outpatient visits and then home exercise without supervision or guidance.

Thanks to ARC intellicare, a significant improvement has been seen. During clinical studies, a key finding was that adherence rates increased to 77%**.

ARC provides valuable insights for healthcare professionals to monitor and evaluate their patient’s progress effectively, helping to achieve real results using the treatment plan.

Healthcare professionals have a weekly overview of the patient’s adherence through a simple and intuitive layout on a dedicated tablet. Each result is expressed as a percentage and is presented with interruption motivations.

This way, clinicians can see on which specific day and for which particular set of exercises the patient had the most difficulty carrying out their rehabilitation plan.

Furthemore, evaluation scales (Patient Reported Outcomes) are provided for each set’s execution, indicating the levels of overall health, pain, and fatigue felt by patients at the end of each session, whether it is interrupted or completed.

ARC allows healthcare professionals to monitor their patient’s rehabilitation plan anytime, anywhere!

**Link to the ARC Poster (n. 251) >>

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