ARCTRAN Study: the pilot project in the neurological field started with the Gemelli Polyclinic

ARCTRAN Study in collaboration with Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS arises from the need to better address the actual requirements of neurological patients with regards to effectiveness, safety, functionality, and longevity, while also promoting a personalised approach to treatments.

“The study is a starting point that can certainly be improved, but even now we believe it has the strength to bring about change, which we hope can be implemented through further projects in other areas, and in this perspective, we are available to start virtuous paths with individual realities”, says Professor Paolo Calabresi, Director of the Neurology Department and Principal Investigator of the trial.

This pilot investigation plays a key role in the definition of a validated model in the management of trials based on the use of medical devices.

As the Technical Director of ICT and Technological Innovation, Giovanni Arcuri, highlights “We expect the project not to be limited to the success of the first trial, but to have a more general meaning in the knowledge and appreciation of research on medical devices”.

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