Empowering patient and professional through a dedicated solution for telerehabilitation

With ARC, each user is provided with a dedicated device designed to meet their unique needs.

✅ First, there is the ARC unit for patients, consisting of five wearable inertial sensors, a charging station, and a tablet. This comprehensive kit allows patients to safely and autonomously perform the prescribed exercises in the comfort of their own homes.

✅ For healthcare professionals, ARC kit includes a specialised tablet equipped with a dedicated app. This powerful tool enables healthcare providers to prescribe exercises, track their patients’ progress, and communicate with them at any time. By having access to real-time data, professionals can provide timely guidance, adjustments, and support, creating a truly personalised care experience.

✅ Additionally, ARC provides a web console designed for system administrators or user management purposes.
This console allows administrators to efficiently manage all users, including adding new ones and overseeing their activities. ARC ensures complete compliance with GDPR guaranteeing the privacy and security of user data.

By combining unique devices for patients, healthcare professionals, and system administrators, ARC creates an ecosystem that encourages collaboration and effective communication, enhancing patient engagement and experience.

Rethink physio, rehabilitate smarter.

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