New scientific paper about “Ricominciare” clinical study

Another important step, another great goal achieved!

Congratulations to our ARC team dedicated to the “Ricominciare” clinical study, which culminated with the publication of the paper ‘Telerehabilitation with ARC Intellicare to Cope with Motor and Respiratory Disabilities: Results about the Process, Usability, and Clinical Effect of the “Ricominciare” Pilot Study’*.

“Ricominciare” aimed to explore the feasibility and safety of ARC in assisting individuals with disabilities due to respiratory or neurological diseases, such as Parkinson ‘s disease or post COVID19.

The primary study outcomes focused on usability, patient adherence, and adverse events. Additionally, a range of clinical outcome measures were monitored before and after treatment.

The research showed that technologies could support clinical practice, especially considering that rehabilitation is a therapy based on the neurophysiological principles of repetitive, intensive, specific, task-oriented practice.

In addition, continuity of rehabilitation care is a key element of effectiveness in preventing the progression of disability for patients with chronic conditions.


Telerehabilitation with the ARC intellicare has demonstrated its efficacy and safety for individuals with chronic motor and respiratory disabilities undergoing home- based rehabilitation.

Preliminary data suggest promising results on the effectiveness in subjects with post- COVID-19 condition or PD.

ARC has the potential to be beneficial in addressing various disabling conditions necessitating motor and respiratory rehabilitation and that can be performed remotely.

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* Authors: Marianna Capecci, Rossella Cima, Filippo A. Barbini, Alice Mantoan, Francesca Sernissi, Stefano Lai, Riccardo Fava, Luca Tagliapietra, Luca Ascari, Roberto N. Izzo et al.

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