“Physiotherapy in all places of life” is the chosen theme to celebrate the #WorldPhysiotherapyDay

“The health needs have completely changed, and this change obliges healthcare professions to question themselves and adapt to the new demands,” explains Piero Ferrante, President of FNOFI, in an interview with Sanità Informazione.

The WHO report* not only illustrates the health needs of citizens but also highlights that the majority of them do not receive the services they require, leading to a total estimate of 3.6 million years of healthy life lost due to a health condition requiring rehabilitation.

“There is no doubt now about the key role of physiotherapy in ensuring the right to health,” adds Melania Salina, Vice President of FNOFI, “We have the need and duty to propose to the system those solutions that truly enable us to provide answers to the 27 million Italians in need of rehabilitation, including through the use and management of new technologies.”

On this day, we want to raise awareness about the invaluable role of physiotherapists, helping patients and older adults to better manage their condition and improve their quality of life.


Image by FNOFI (https://www.fnofi.it/)

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