Strengthening rehabilitation: a global imperative for health and well-being

Globally, over 2.4 billion people face health challenges that rehabilitation could alleviate.
As our world ages, chronic diseases become more prevalent and this number is only set to rise.

Rehabilitation is a need that often goes unnoticed but carries profound improvements for the well-being and quality of life of people.

The World Rehabilitation Alliance, established in 2022, aims to raise awareness and demand for these crucial services through evidence-based advocacy.

The Rehabilitation 2030 initiative focuses on the deep unmet need for rehabilitation worldwide, and highlights the crucial necessity of reinforcing healthcare systems to deliver effective rehabilitation services.

In ARC intellicare we firmly believe that, in this modern world, rehabilitation should no longer be a luxury, but a right accessible to everyone, at every stage of life. It doesn’t merely repair bodies, it restores dignity, independence, and quality of life.

By embracing the WRA mission, we aim to elevate human potential, ensuring that every person can participate actively in their community and lead fulfilling lives.

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World Health Organization

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