The ARC intellicare team participates in the SIAMOC workshop on inertial sensors

The 1st SIAMOC – Società Italiana di Analisi del Movimento in Clinica Workshop on the use of Inertial Sensors in clinics turned out to be a source of ideas for the ARC intellicare team!

During the workshop, various topics related to the use of Inertial Sensors (IMU) for gait analysis were discussed.
Speakers highlighted sensors’ great benefits and limitations, stressing the importance of a proper use of them to obtain valid results and focusing on the gait parameters that are directly and indirectly deductible from the recorded signals.

For Henesis S.r.l. and ARC intellicare team this experience has been a great opportunity, since we have always been committed to realizing science driven and clinically validated devices for rehabilitation based on IMU, able to provide reliable information to clinicians.

Thanks to SIAMOC Workshop Director Andrea Cereatti for proposing this interesting event and to all the organizers and speakers for their clear explanations and valuable take-home messages.

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