Rehabilitation doesn’t go on vacation!

Think about your elderly patients who are following a rehabilitation path, active ageing program, or adapted physical exercise routine.

Now, consider the summer period when your gym is closed for holidays and/or you are unable to guarantee the continuity of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, for example, due to extreme heat.

During this period, what happens to the condition of the elderly people, and how can interruptions in their treatment  plan be avoided?

We have discussed with some experts and gathered advice and ideas to help patients continuing their physical activity plan during summer.

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Inside, you will also find a ready-to-use package of 15 practical tips to give to your patients (to always be at their side, even during the summer!)

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Thanks for the valuable contribution of: Marica Doveri | LAURA IARDELLA | Jacopo Demurtas | Carlotta Zanobini | Ilenia Natola | Giacomo Pellegrini

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