Software testing: compliance, but also a way to improve our customer experience

How can Software Testing help to develop a product able to meet the needs of its users and ensure the best possible experience?

To continuously improve our solution, the ARC team strongly believes in the importance of performing regular software testing practices.

Whenever a new functionality is developed, our multidisciplinary team carries out testing operations according to the standard IEC62304 for medical software development, which allows us to comply with all regulatory requirements and release a product that poses no risk to patients.

By applying preliminary software testing on each individual feature, ARC developers can reveal problems as soon as possible while preventing them from affecting other parts of the code base. The result is a highly functional product suitable for the needs of its users.

Testing has a high impact on the final product. That’s why it goes hand in hand with software development, enabling us to constantly enhance ARC Customer Experience and expanding and succeeding our solution in the healthcare market.

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